Heli Jürisson

heli jürisson

She is the youngest of all the guides, the nest egg of our little family. Bubbly and blond, she tends to get a bit hyperactive at times. Oh and watch out – she is also very clumsy and tends to trip often and run into trees.. and walls… and old ladies…. and just about anything possible… so just try not to laugh at her. If you make fun of her she’ll probably try to give you her infamous „death glare“…but it looks more like she’s having a migraine.

Even though she calls herself a total nerd and a bookworm, in her heart she is a performer. She loves being on stage and being the centre of attention. Dancing and theatre are really important parts of her life. After her mom put her in a folk dance group called Sõleke at the age of 6 (she loathed it!), she’s been dancing ever since. On and off for about 10 years now. (Though she thinks she isn’t any good AT ALL)

She also started going to acting classes in about 8th grade to:
a) get over her shyness  
b) meet hot actor-guys  
c) become more famous than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie combined (still working on that one..)

When she was just a wee little girl, she wanted to become an astronaut or a farmer or a supermodel… But for now she is probably going to try to pursue a career in the media field. Television or journalism. But why not both?! There is also the secret dream of becoming an actress but that’s probably just going to stay a dream… Some people have also predicted that Heli is going to become the first female president of Estonia! (She thinks that would be the worst decision the Estonian people could ever make… those idiots…) But we’ll just have to wait and see, now don’t we?

Languages: English