Markus hails from England, and has lived in Riga, Denver, Berlin, London and other places, but thinks that Tampere has much to offer in comparison. He spends a lot of time at Hirvitalo – the Moose House in Pispala and can talk for ever about the arts goings on there. He has also been involved in radical clowning, bioart and mediƦval re-enactment so is a real culture vulture!

He loves nature (holding a Biology / Geology degree) and has been an enthusiastic CouchSurfer through most of Europe. Alternative ways are familiar to him. As a hitch-hiker he has had much practice talking and is happy to show you the other side of street as well as the history of the town. Summer wind is his favorite. Come along and meet him and don’t be shy about asking questions on his Tampere tour!

Language: English