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  1. Really liked your alternative view to Riga!!!

    Kalev, Estonia
  2. Dear rigafreetour,
    I joined the riga free tour yesterday and it was great.
    If you can do something similar for my small town, bergamo, where everybody (latvians as well!) lands supposing that is Milan and ignoring the beautiful place I would be greatfull…
    However, everything fine except too much blue eyes of the guide.
    You risk – pour tourist not used to it – to drown.
    I suggest dark sun glasses next time.



  3. Totaly different point of view of the city. Unexpected and fun and full of surprises. Thanks

  4. Someone from Riga recommended this tour, so we gave it a try, but it was really great! Lots of things you couldn’t read in the books and parts of the city you wouldn’t go see fast for yourself, so unexpected, but really good!
    Thank you very much!

    Thomas Stubbe
  5. Awesome tour. I really enjoyed the alternate side of Riga. I’ll tell to my friends.



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